Dear Santa …


Apple's first computer.
Apple's first computer

… all I can think about is the new MacBook Pro I want. I’ve been a PC person for a long time now, but I did buy my first Mac in 1987, just four years after Apple launched Lisa, the first Mac (I don’t remember her).

I bought a Mac II and a LaserWriter – the size of a small car. Cost me over $10,000 for the combo with software – remember PageMaker? The MacBook Pro I want is only $1199 at UCI on clearance – we’ve come a long way, Santa. While I’ve not exactly been ‘good’, I do so want a shiny new computer to play with on Christmas morning. Won’t you take a look in your big red bag?

I’m not ready for the big day, only a week away, but the tree is up, and thanks to sweet Marty and Jim, dinner is in the bag, the Bristol Farm’s bag.

Here’s to a wonderful week!

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