Love has left the house.


A bit dramatic. Yes. But my Love is gone for a week, beginning this morning with a blaring alarm at 5 AM just after the middle son woke me anyway. Don’t get me wrong, flying out of John Wayne airport is well worth the early wake up call, but I can’t seem to figure out how to behave with only me to care for. That’s not really true either, there are too many dogs to walk, a needy parrot and a hongry turtle, but the boys are out and the Love is gone. What will I do with my dinner hour?

While he’s off having a poetry party I’m here, not washing dishes. I guess it’s a fair trade, but I do miss the Love. I’ve got 168 more hours to fill. See you here.


P.S. Nice guy, huh? Sends me a pic of beautiful Tahoe. Wish I was there.

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