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Positive things come from blogging—the blog’s architecture forces you to organize. It allows you to be creative—with pages, images, text, video, audio. AND, IT’S FREE !! organization of thoughts | material (writings, notes, links to off-site stuff, images, videos, audio files, etc.) use it for this purpose alone, and you have a…(Read More)

It’s been a very fast long week. Thank you to all of my friends, my family and my clients that pulled together and made some crazy-wonderful things happen very quickly. We are going to Kansas City, and we are going to rock! We booked two Chatter Box accounts and we sold three or…(Read More)



Thank you … fire is almost out. Thank you Greg. Thank you Monica. Thank you Jay. Thank you Eric. Thank you Dave. Thank you Sandie. Thank you Julie. Thank you Richard. Thank you James. Too much emotion today. I am absolutely in love with life. THANK YOU to all those lovely friends (clients mostly) that…(Read More)

Step out.


I had stressed so hard over what to write about, I didn’t. I was thinking when I needed to be writing…(Read More)

The most beautiful little girl clothes on the planet. My forever friend Sal turned me onto a possible new client – I fell in love. They sell original, fantastically adorable little girl clothes. The owner is smart too, using a multi-pronged approach to marketing her new business.  You’ll see more of Little Skye…(Read More)

It doesn’t seem right to eat other animals. We don’t eat dogs, or any other creature. At least that’s the goal. I love a good filet, but I’m certain the lives our food live is horrible. And, they serve us so completely. I’ll just come out and say it. I…(Read More)

Typo Found | 8.18.09 | Byline | David Goldman, staff writer August 14, 2009: 4:42 AM ET The bill would take the reporting out Treasury’s hands, A quick post to highlight the first typo of the day…(Read More)

We are the new TV.


Today’s bloggers are entertaining the new world. We get our latest breaking from the people on the street, and why not. Are they not positioned where it’s at? Literally. With the help of the world the job of the journalist, the anchor and the actor is changing. I respect the job we do…(Read More)

Twitter has been down, or working intermittently, all day. Just on the heels of my TweeterTops launch. Just yesterday. Our first TweeterTops branded Twitter background is below. You could try linking to it on Twitter, but you’d be denied. Or, at least you have an 85% chance to be denied. Who wants to risk…(Read More)