Stay away from Twitter. Let her heal.


Twitter has been down, or working intermittently, all day. Just on the heels of my TweeterTops launch. Just yesterday. Our first TweeterTops branded Twitter background is below. You could try linking to it on Twitter, but you’d be denied. Or, at least you have an 85% chance to be denied. Who wants to risk those odds. More importantly, Twitter was hit with a denial of service attack (DOS) – which means too many computers are trying to access the site, due to the malicious activities of a clever hacker. So, don’t go there, you will only make her sicker.

We’ll be patient, while Twitter unravels a hacker’s accomplishment.

Below you’ll see the custom Twitter background we did for Orange County Drum & Percussion. OCDP is one of my favorite clients and are perfect for the first-ever free TweeterTops background … TweeterTops will give a free custom Twitter background each day to the Tweeter that posts the best tweet about TweeterTops. Simply use @TweeterTops in a tweet, and you are in the running for that day’s free TweeterTops custom background. Make it good. This is worth $100. (If no tweets post, TweeterTops will find a worthy Twitter account that day.)screenshot_1275_crop

Here’s a link to Twitter’s blog … they are on this outage, in the meantime, stay away from Twitter, let her heal.

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