I want everyone to blog. Blog already.


Positive things come from blogging—the blog’s architecture forces you to organize. It allows you to be creative—with pages, images, text, video, audio. AND, IT’S FREE !!

  • organization of thoughts | material (writings, notes, links to off-site stuff, images, videos, audio files, etc.)
    use it for this purpose alone, and you have a free information management tool
  • therapy | yeah. it’s true. the best part of this blog is it’s therapeutic value in calming my monkey mind (or bunny butt)
  • entertainment| it is so much fun
  • accountability | if you put your weight online, daily, you will eat less ice cream
  • revenue | you can make money with your blog  (ad revenue, sell stuff, sponsor stuff, recommend stuff, promote stuff, etc. )

And there’s a bigger story !

We are the new TV. We. Are. The Internet and TV are merging. We see it before our very eyes.

People hide so much of their lives, from friends, family, kids ! It’s not that we want to betray, but the context from one section of our lives to the next is not always aligned neatly. It’s transparency that brings us closer. Even if it’s unsightly to some. Uncomfortably transparent. Show the seedy underbelly. Reveal your company. Your product. Yourself.

What’s the real story? What turns you on ?

Go to WordPress.com, or Blogger.com. Use your Google account to create a blog. Or, hire a company—mine or someone else you trust to build your brand in this critically important space. Ad dollars are emptying out of TV budgets as fast as Internet broadcast profits are piling up.

We are the new TV. Right now. Tune in.

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