Great movie. Great story.


Film made for $15000 hits number one.

With weeks of viral marketing and a promotional campaign driven by social networks like Twitter and Facebook behind it, Oren Eli’s Paranormal Activity (Paramount) expanded into just under 2,000 theaters on Friday and successfully took the box office with an estimated $22 million and an astounding cumulative gross of $62.5 million after less than a month in theaters. It’s surely going to be considered one of the memorable phenomena of 2009, having cost less than $15,000 to produce, the rights sold to Paramount for roughly $300,000 and then being distributed by one of the most unique and unconventional methods we’ve seen in some time.

See the full story here.

I didn’t see it. I was too afraid. But the social media component is worth close examination.

Why does social media carry the message so quickly and efficiently? It works on many levels, making it a strong communication tool in building relationships.

• Free exposure.
• Social media is highly rewarded in the search engines.
• It’s a way to renew each moment, as you wish.
• Segment audiences, if appropriate, aggregate data at will.
• Demonstrate history, credentials, samples, process, etc.
• Trackable.
• Logs of detailed information about visitors, from where visitors are to what page directed them to your page, much data is available.
• Easily audit ad effectiveness, editorial reach, competition, etc.

Make your own social media juice.

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