I watched the mine rescue. I’m watching it now, live.


I’m watching them pull 33 men from 2000 feet below the surface of a land far from home. Raw emotion is overwhelming for those present. And for me watching.

They are saving lives. One man at a time. The best tv ever.

As I type, they are pushing the metal tube back into the earth. As the 24th miner to be brought up is reunited with his wife, family, co-workers and rescue workers, a stretcher awaits. It’s an odd scene, watching this tree of a man, emerge from that tube, strong and smiling. People applaud. They sing. Watching him hug and kiss his wife … most certainly wanting to go home and sit in his favorite chair, sleep in his bed. He’s gently reminded he must visit with friends later, medics await.

Awesome to watch. Click here for live stream.

Men trapped 70 days and 2000 feet below the surface, are again free.