You don’t Tweet ?


Uses for Twitter include

  • shopping list
  • pros and cons
  • wish list including links to product pages
  • library book reminder including links to more info on a calendar etc.*
  • water plant reminder * schedule weekly or as often as you want a notice
  • meeting / birthday / event /occasion reminder * can schedule to repeat occasions for multiple years forward

*use a simple auto-scheduler

I love Twitter. I use it for my Trader Joe’s list. I have several feeds that are tied to brands. Some will lay dormant until they are needed–which reminds me to remind you–grab the name/s you want. You may one day get the urge to Tweet.

It’s a free online notepad on which you can put words, pics or video. You have access from anywhere you have Internet access!

Why don’t you use Twitter?

Twitter is not only free but powerful. Get more from less.