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Why ?


My mom wants to know why I’m taking pictures. Now she’ll know. See mom in action … hotDiggityHowto Note | This was a great lesson. I had linked the video earlier. But, I remembered that placing the code for ’embedding’ the video results in a nicer presentation. And, shows the image you see above as…(Read More)

Good dog.


Donut is a good dog. Cute too. And a good day it was. Happy¬† birthday, Love.¬† | Happy birthday, mom…(Read More)

Moots & mushrooms.


So, it’s time again to walk the moots. Holy cats they go out often. It’s the beautiful sky and sea breeze that make it all OK. And, the only exercise hotChickity gets today. It was a typical walk, except for the ginormous mushrooms…(Read More)