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Do what you want.


People doing what they love are happier, healthier and making more money. We don’t always teach this. We don’t always tell kids—do what you want. Be what you want. What you love. With passion. Without remorse. Give up expected…(Read More)

Step out.


I had stressed so hard over what to write about, I didn’t. I was thinking when I needed to be writing…(Read More)

Why ?


My mom wants to know why I’m taking pictures. Now she’ll know. See mom in action … hotDiggityHowto Note | This was a great lesson. I had linked the video earlier. But, I remembered that placing the code for ’embedding’ the video results in a nicer presentation. And, shows the image you see above as…(Read More)

Good dog.


Donut is a good dog. Cute too. And a good day it was. Happy  birthday, Love.  | Happy birthday, mom…(Read More)

I’ve bragged about Shelby before | First here, then here. | I’m back with news that my youngest has been featured in a bmx mag with a full page photo. September issue should be on newstands this Friday. I’ll be back…(Read More)

When they snooze


I like when they sleep. I watered thirsty plants, entertained a very needy parrot, made cookies and caught up on work…(Read More)

My youngest has inspired me with his unwavering expectation that he’d be a BMX pro. Since he was a little kid. Now 18, he debuts on none other than ESPN … take a watch !  Shelby Miller Debuts On EPSN…(Read More)