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Positive things come from blogging—the blog’s architecture forces you to organize. It allows you to be creative—with pages, images, text, video, audio. AND, IT’S FREE !! organization of thoughts | material (writings, notes, links to off-site stuff, images, videos, audio files, etc.) use it for this purpose alone, and you have a…(Read More)

Step out.


I had stressed so hard over what to write about, I didn’t. I was thinking when I needed to be writing…(Read More)

Twitter has been down, or working intermittently, all day. Just on the heels of my TweeterTops launch. Just yesterday. Our first TweeterTops branded Twitter background is below. You could try linking to it on Twitter, but you’d be denied. Or, at least you have an 85% chance to be denied. Who wants to risk…(Read More)

I absolutely love Twitter. A year ago I wondered what it was for. Since then, I’ve used it to launch products, launch projects, enhance brands, keep in touch, be stealthy, solicit advice, solicit love … how haven’t I used Twitter ? Why not, right ? It’s free. Woof ! 1. Don’t be afraid. Jump in…(Read More)