HotDiggityBlog stands with the SOPA blackout and encourages you to learn more about the pending legislation.

Google’s Announcement

Wikipedia’s Page

Anon News This is the most comprehensive list of info I have found.

The Internet serves a great many. Free speech is our right. The bills SOPA and PIPA are exceedingly far reaching and deliver power to those with no obligation of proof. Join us and the many others in support of killing these bills.

  • Imgur
  • Google
  • Tor Project
  • Miro
  • iSchool at Syracuse University
  • Wikipedia
  • Reddit
  • Mozilla
  • icanhazCheezburger Network
  • Good Old Games
  • TwitPic
  • Minecraft
  • Free Press
  • Mojang
  • XDA Developers
  • Destructoid

And, many more are joining us. Stand up for free speech. We will restore the site on January 19th. In the meantime, go post a Block SOPA update ! Do it now.