Who Is HotChickityDog ?

  THIS IS A VERY OLD SITE … come back. I’ll update it, promise !

I love words. I’m a fly-chicken. If you want to kill me put me on a plane. I use too much punctuationI invent things. I procrastinate.

We had good food. Always. And dessert. And a fire. Big family holidays at Aunt Nina’s. My beautiful mom and aunt make the best cheesecake anywhere. I think the recipe came from a customer of Uncle Louie’s.

Turns out I’m a girl. I’m also tomboy to the core. I’m a gear-head. Dad raced for Ford, before going it alone. He was French, Dutch, Cherokee Indian — Mom’s Italian. Both of her parents coming from Sicily as teens. They married after grandpa delayed the wedding to make wine. Some things are more important than love (see I really am a boy).

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I’m here as a kid w/ dad and his racecar, and is that Jim Medland ? A wonderful friend of our family. Dad raced a modified Mustang. Man, I loved that poncho. I’m chewing my nails here. It took me years to stop. I know how, I can teach you. I can stop hiccups, too. Every time. But that one will cost you.


I’m 16. I look 12. My sister marshmallowing out, on the right. I’m married here. Yeah. Put your mind around that one.