Walk that Walk


HotDiggityBlog is trying on new clothes. New vibe. A new web site with a new color palette, perhaps a new logo … still at the chalkboard stage. You’ll see us mess with this site. Transparency ? Walk that walk ! Pardon the random piles. No plan here. I write. Do other stuff. Go out. Come…(Read More)



Josh’s car–then Shelby’s car–then Josh’s car…(Read More)

Hurt Locker, which I haven’t seen, is the lowest-grossing Oscar winner in modern history … the limited-release film earned $14 million in box-office receipts. Is there a long tail? In terms of Twitter buzz, Hurt Locker beat out Sandra Bullock with 39,951 tweets in its peak hour. Here’s more if…(Read More)

Great movie. Great story.


Film made for $15000 hits number one. With weeks of viral marketing and a promotional campaign driven by social networks like Twitter and Facebook behind it, Oren Eli’s Paranormal Activity (Paramount) expanded into just under 2,000 theaters on Friday and successfully took the box office with an estimated $22 million and an astounding…(Read More)

Busy dog.


Life has been chaotic. A lot going on, working to sell Remembering.com and keeping  the lights on. But, love is good – pack is healthy – much to be happy about. I have wonderful friends and family! Woof. Sicilian meatballs, marinara over penne and garlic toast…(Read More)

Positive things come from blogging—the blog’s architecture forces you to organize. It allows you to be creative—with pages, images, text, video, audio. AND, IT’S FREE !! organization of thoughts | material (writings, notes, links to off-site stuff, images, videos, audio files, etc.) use it for this purpose alone, and you have a…(Read More)

It’s been a very fast long week. Thank you to all of my friends, my family and my clients that pulled together and made some crazy-wonderful things happen very quickly. We are going to Kansas City, and we are going to rock! We booked two Chatter Box accounts and we sold three or…(Read More)



Thank you … fire is almost out. Thank you Greg. Thank you Monica. Thank you Jay. Thank you Eric. Thank you Dave. Thank you Sandie. Thank you Julie. Thank you Richard. Thank you James. Too much emotion today. I am absolutely in love with life. THANK YOU to all those lovely friends (clients mostly) that…(Read More)