The pack is exploring veganism for the purpose of protesting animal cruelty. If you are looking for the fast path to anything vegetarian, this isn’t it. Taking it slow here—we’re starving already. Going vegan seems far off in the distance but we’ll get there. Come along for the ride.

Animal Treatment Reform

We are killing animals after they spend their whole lives loving us. We are torturing animals that sustain our being with their very flesh. Please learn, join and make noise for animal treatment reform. Whatever camp you support, whatever good you wish to do, doing it together will make it happen faster. Please don’t look away. Support the groups that raise awareness every single day. And BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE.


We are currently working on a Facebook application that will allow anyone to sell products from their Facebook pages, or any other page, for that matter … this is our beta shop, we will be adding many other items soon … in fact, if you have an item you wish to sell, please let us know. We’d love to feature your products or services here.


Combo of all the above, with additional sections such as The Zoo … The Job, or others as they are needed.

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